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Air Gun Experiences
With correct supervision air guns are both safe and fun and you can be assured that with us you will receive professional tuition and guidance from NSRA Qualified Tutors.
Choose from a range of air rifle experiences or combine one with archery, crossbow or pistol for the ultimate shooting experience!  

  Air Rifle Experience for one or two people
  Your experience will be led by an NSRA Qualified Tutor and will last one hour       in total.

After a safety briefing we will get you shooting safely and accurately with a   range of paper or knock down targets to test you aim!  

If the experience is for two people   you will also be able to compete against each other if you wish.

  Using the latest compressed air rifles with powerful scopes we ensure that           you enjoy your shooting experience.

  All shooting will take place from our covered and heated shooting shelter           and complimentary tea/coffee/hot chocolate is provided for shooters and       spectators.

  The minimum age for air rifle shooting is 8yrs. 

  Prices: £35 for one or £50 for two people.

  Air Pistol Experience for One or Two people
  Get to grips with some of the latest air pistols under the guidance of our
  NSRA Tutors.

  By perfecting your grip, single or double handed and controlling your                 breathing you will soon be experiencing the satisfaction of hitting your target     accurately!

  We have a range of pistols each with their own different characteristics               from the Smith & Wesson revolver to the modern blow back pistol equipped       with laser sights.

  Complimentary tea/coffee/hot chocolate available for shooters and                 spectators.
  Due to the nature of air pistols the minimum age is 14yrs.

Prices: £35 for one or £50 for two

Group Air Gun Experiences
For a fun and exciting group challenge our group air gun experience will test the skill and accuracy of all shooters.  After a brief introduction everyone will have the opportunity to develop their skills in relaxed and friendly surroundings.

Once everyone is shooting safely we will introduce a variety of paper or knock down targets and run a competition to find the Top Shot!

Our group air gun experience includes either rifles or pistols but if you wish you can combine the two for the ultimate test of shooting skills.

All equipment is included as well as tuition from NSRA Tutors.  Shooting takes place under cover and complimentary tea/coffee/hot chocolate is available for the duration of the event.

If required we can also organise food locally at the Norfolk Arms Hotel where accommodation and meeting rooms are also available.

Prices: 3-8 people £20pp, 9-12 people £18pp, 13+ people £16pp

Additional activity just £10pp extra 
Air rifles/Air pistols/Archery/Crossbows/Throwing Knifes & Axes