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Crossbow Shooting

The use of crossbows dates back to the eleventh century, but our up to date crossbows combine ease of use with accuracy to provide a thrilling experience for even a complete novice!  
Equipped with the latest sights, with a steady hand and concentration our crossbows can be extremely accurate and rewarding.
Crossbows can either be experienced on their own or combined with another activity, please let us know your requirements.

Crossbow Experience Details

After a safety briefing and guidance from our instructors you will begin practicing yourselves on a range of targets and you  will soon find how accurate these powerful   weapons can be!

Complimentary tea/coffee/hot chocolate is available for the duration of the event.

Prices:  £35 for one, £50 for two, £20pp 3-8 people, £18pp 9-12 people.

Not suitable for under 14yrs.

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