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Tomahawk, Axe & Knife Throwing

For something different then Tomahawk and Knife throwing is definitely it! 

Its all about the technique and getting the perfect rotation so the blade sticks nicely in the target!

With a variety of knifes and tomahawks you are sure to have fun trying to get them to stick, but once they do it feels great!

Tomahawk/Knife throwing  can be combined with one of our other activities and with outdoor or indoor facilities you can enjoy the experience whatever the weather!

Tomahawk & Knife Throwing

  For something different why not try Knife & Axe Throwing.  With guidance         we will try and get every throw to stick as you compete against others in         games or just try and master the technique on your own.

£35 for one person, duration one hour
£50 for two people, duration one hour
£20pp for 4-8 people, duration 1-1.5hrs
£18 for 9-12 people, duration 1-2hrs

  Alternatively you can add this to any of our other activities for just £10pp.

  Due to the nature of this activity it is not suitable for under 14yrs.