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Wild West Experience

For the ultimate experience why not book your group in for our Wild West Experience and combine Bow & Arrow, Winchester Under Lever Air Rifle and throwing knifes/axes! 

With the latest Under Lever Winchester replica air rifles, as seen in many a Western movie, you will have the opportunity to shoot a variety of fun targets.  

This rifle really has to be held to be believed, it has a super smooth action and feels great to work the lever action to cock it!

After a safety briefing and tuition on each of the weapons you will get to experience the skill of the bow and arrow, the speed of the under lever rifle and the satisfaction of throwing an knife/axe to give a rewarding and thrilling combination!

Minimum group size of three people.

  3-8 people £40 per person.
  9-12 people £38 per person.
  13+ people £36 per person

This activity will last between 1.5-3hrs depending on the group size.
Minimum age 14yrs.