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Axe Throwing

For those that want to come and experience this exciting sport we have both outdoor and indoor targets, with our heated throwing room offering the best of both worlds with views out across the countryside.

With guidance we will help you to get every axe throw to stick as you compete against others in games or just try and master the technique. 

When you get the axe to stick it can be extremely rewarding and highly addictive!

As with all our activities you can be assured that it will be just yourself, or your group booked in, giving you exclusive use of our facilities making it a very personal experience.


£70 for two people, duration one hour

For further details on group bookings click here.

For our standard axe throwing we recommend a 

minimum age of 13 years old.

We offer Flying Angels as an alternative for juniors aged 10-12yrs, but only in small family groups.

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