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Shoot Out!

Fun, Exciting Shoot Out Challenge.

Bullet Holes_edited_edited.png

Combine three of our shooting activities with this unique combination.

We combine Tactical Rifle shooting, Tactical Pistol Shooting and our Sniper Rifle shooting in a fun and challenging way.

You will get the opportunity to shoot our time trial game on our reactive targets with assault rifle and pistol and then move onto our new Sharp Shooter knockdown timed challenge using our modern sniper air rifle.

This event is the ultimate combination of speed and accuracy, which is sure to get your pulse racing!


3 to 6 people £52.50 per person, event duration 1.5-2 hours

7+ people £50 per person, event duration 2-2.5+ hours

For large groups email us for a quote.

Suggested minimum age 12yrs, may be younger in family group.


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