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Two Gun Challenge

Fun, Exciting and Unique!

Combine our Tactical Assault rifle and Pistol on our revolutionary reactive targeting system, which incorporates the latest technology to offer a unique and exciting shooting experience!  (See video below)

With a range of modes including Time Trial, Hostage, Ambush and more you can test your reaction time and accuracy with realistic BB Semi Automatic Rifles and powerful Pistols.  All information including hit count, reaction time and overall time is displayed on a big screen which can be viewed and compared with your competitors to see who will be the Top Shot!

If you download your Shooter ID you will also have record of your shoots on your phone.

As with all our bookings your experience will be personal to you, we never mix groups.


£90 for 2 people, duration one hour.

3 to 6 people £37.50 per person, event duration 1-1.5 hours

7+ people £35 per person, event duration 1.5-2 hours


Suggested minimum age 10yrs for rifles and 12yrs for pistol, may be younger in family group.


Tactical Shooting Challenge Multi- Shooter

With our Tactical Shooting Challenge you can compete with others in a test of aim, accuracy and speed!  

Our Multi Shooter Time Trial Video (click on video) is just one of the many games you can play on our unique reactive AttackSense targets!

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